Do you give tours?

Yes, we have special rates for captained day tours.  Please call us to at 218-753-3548 to hammer out the details. 

How can I join your Loyalty Program?

To become a part of our Loyalty Program, you must stay with us on an annual basis.  Returning guests will qualify for 10% off when they make consecutive reservations with us.  For our very loyal guests that have had 10 years of patronage, they will qualify for an additional 1% discount for each year of business in addition to any seasonal discounts.  Yes, you read that right.  We love our guests!

Operating the Houseboat

Do we need a special license?

No special boating license is necessary, and we have seen a number of first-time boaters captain the boat like a pro. You will go through an orientation prior to your departure, covering the houseboat operation and maps.


Navigating the Lake

Can we go from one end of the lake to the other?

Yes, all 40,000 acres of Lake Vermilion are navigable, from east to west. We provide maps with routes highlighted for your convenience.  With over 1200 miles of shoreline there is a lot to explore.



Are fishing boats or smaller boats for shore access included with the houseboat rental?

No, but they are required. You can either bring your own boat, or rent one from us.

How many boats can the houseboat tow?

Houseboats can tow up to 4 boats; however, remember, you are personally responsible for the tie-up, arrangement, and/or potential damages incurred.


Houseboat Equipment

How is the kitchen equipped?

Each kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, and sink; and, of course, there is a gas grill on the deck. All houseboats have enough dishes, glassware, silverware, and steak knives for the number they accommodate. There are also pots, pans, utensils, and grill utensils—plenty of items to create a feast for your crew!

How big is the refrigerator?

The refrigerators on the 40', 42', 44', 50' and 54' houseboats have an 8 cu. ft. capacity with 2 cu. ft. freezers. The 55' and 60' Cruisers have side-by-side refrigerator/freezers, with approximate 9 cu. ft. refrigerator. The 60' Executive has two 8 cu. ft. refrigerators with freezers. All houseboats also have a 100 qt. cooler on the deck, perfect to store your soda and other beverages for quick access.

Does the houseboat we are renting have a TV or microwave?

The 42', 54', 55' and 60' houseboats come equipped with TVs, DVD players, and microwaves.

Does the houseboat have a slide?

Yes, all houseboats have a slide, so don’t forget your towels.

Does the houseboat have a grill?

Yes, all houseboats have a gas grill, so bring on the burgers, kabobs, and brats!

What linens are provided?

We provide pillows, pillow cases, sheets and blankets with each houseboat.  Kitchen hand towels will be provided, although you will need to bring your own bath and/or sun deck towels.

Are there deck chairs on board?

Yes, all houseboats have deck chairs and a table. They do not have lounge chairs, but you may bring them for sunbathing.

How do we make coffee?

The 42', 54', 55' and 60' houseboats have electric coffee makers, along with toasters. The 40', 44' and 50' houseboats have stovetop percolators. You will need to bring coffee filters.



What do you sell at the base?

We sell leeches, crawlers, tackle, souvenir clothing, block ice and cube ice.

Are there resorts on the lake that sell bait, ice or groceries?

Yes, there are resorts that sell bait, ice, and light groceries. You may go to their docks with a small boat; however, the houseboat can only visit pre-approved and indicated spots.

Do you have a hospitality boat?

Whenever our service boat is nearby on the lake, it will stop to pick up garbage or deliver previously ordered supplies.



Is there a charge for the campsites?

There are no charges for staying overnight at any campsite.

Can we have a campfire at the campsite?

You may have a campfire at DNR campsites designated with a campfire ring and posted, as allowed by current conditions.


Do you allow pets?

We love pets; however, we no longer allow pets on select boats.  There is a $150 per pet fee.  When making your reservation, please inform us how many pets you intend to bring.  Also our very own dogs live here at the landing, upon arrival please keep Fido in the vehicle until your party has been checked in.  Once checked in, please keep your pet on a leash at all times for others safety.



How does insurance work for houseboat rentals?

You are responsible for up to $5,000 in damages. We do offer an optional damage protection for $35 per night, $50 per night for the 55' Cruiser, 60' Cruiser and Executive, which reduces your responsibility to $250. This covers accidental damage to the houseboat and its motor(s). It does not cover damage to any fishing boats, motors, portable generators, or hot tubs. You may check to see if your homeowner’s policy covers any damage.



Is gas for the houseboat included?

No, gas is not included in the houseboat rental fees. You are responsible for paying gas that is used during your stay.

How much gas will we use?

The average gas consumption for the majority of the houseboats is 10 gallons or less a day. Fuel tanks range from 120-250 gallons, more than enough for a week.

Do we have to pay for propane?

Not on our houseboats! Propane is included.


Emergency Information

What do we do if someone in our party is sick or injured while on the lake?

For true emergencies always call 911 first.  For minor urgencies call or radio the base. Lake Vermilion has rescue boats.

Can our family members contact us while we are on the houseboat with questions or emergency situations?

They can contact the base at 218-753-3548. We will then contact you by marine band radio to relay a message. There is also cell phone reception across most the lake— mobile phone use and wireless access to the web is usually available.


Fortune Bay Casino

Does Fortune Bay Casino and golf course have slips available for the houseboat?

Yes, they have docks created specifically for our houseboats, available at no charge.